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obstinate adj
1 stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing [syn: cussed, obdurate, unrepentant]
2 resistant to guidance or discipline; "Mary Mary quite contrary"; "an obstinate child with a violent temper"; "a perverse mood"; "wayward behavior" [syn: contrary, perverse, wayward]
3 persisting in a reactionary stand [syn: stubborn, unregenerate] v : persist stubbornly; "he obstinates himself against all rational arguments"

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From obstinatus, past participle of obstino.


  • a UK /ˈɒb.stɪn.ət/, /"Qb.stIn.@t/
  • a US /ˈɑbstənɪt/, /"Abst@nIt/,


  1. Stubbornly adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course; persistent; not yielding to reason, arguments, or other means; stubborn; pertinacious; -- usually implying unreasonableness.
  2. Not yielding; not easily subdued or removed; as, obstinate fever; obstinate obstructions.


  • Benjamin Franklin: "Mr. Quincy labored hard with the governor to obtain his assent, but he was obstinate."


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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

adamant, adherent, adhesive, adversary, adversative, adverse, alien, antagonistic, anti, antipathetic, antithetic, assiduous, balking, balky, beefy, bigoted, bloody-minded, bouncing, bound, bound and determined, bulldogged, bulldoggish, bulldoggy, bulletheaded, bullheaded, case-hardened, clashing, clingy, closed to, closed-minded, committed, competitive, con, conflicting, constant, continuing, contradictory, contrary, contumacious, costive, counter, crabbed, cross, deaf, decided, decisive, dedicated, definite, determined, devoted, diligent, disaccordant, disobedient, dissentient, dogged, dogmatic, doughty, dour, earnest, enduring, enemy, faithful, fanatic, firm, fixed, forceful, forcible, forcy, fractious, froward, full-blooded, full-strength, fundamentalist, gluey, glutinous, gummy, gutsy, gutty, hale, hard, hard as nails, hardheaded, hardy, headstrong, hearty, hefty, hidebound, hostile, husky, immovable, immutable, impersuadable, impersuasible, impervious, impliable, inalterable, indefatigable, indisciplined, indomitable, industrious, inexorable, inflexible, inimical, insistent, intolerant, intractable, intransigent, invincible, iron, iron-hard, ironbound, ironclad, ironhanded, lasting, lawless, loyal, lusty, mighty, mulish, muscle-bound, naughty, negative, nervy, never-tiring, nonconforming, noncooperative, obdurate, obstipated, opinionated, opponent, opposed, opposing, opposite, oppositional, oppositive, oppugnant, orthodox, overthwart, overzealous, patient, patient as Job, permanent, perseverant, persevering, persistent, persisting, pertinacious, perverse, pigheaded, plodding, plugging, potent, powerful, preoccupied, procrustean, puissant, purist, puristic, puritan, puritanic, purposeful, rapt, rebellious, recalcitrant, recusant, red-blooded, refractory, relentless, renitent, repugnant, resistant, resolute, resolved, restive, rigid, rigorist, rigoristic, rigorous, rival, robust, robustious, rockbound, rugged, sedulous, self-adhesive, self-willed, serious, set, sincere, single-minded, sleepless, slogging, sot, stable, stalwart, staunch, steadfast, steady, steely, stickable, sticky, stiff, stiff-necked, stony, stout, straightlaced, straitlaced, strapping, strong, strong as brandy, strong as strong, strong-willed, strongheaded, stubborn, sturdy, sulky, sullen, tacky, tenacious, tireless, tough, transgressive, unabating, unamenable, unbending, unchangeable, uncomplying, uncompromising, unconquerable, uncooperative, undaunted, undisciplined, undiscouraged, undrooping, unduteous, undutiful, unfailing, unfaltering, unfavorable, unflagging, unflinching, unfriendly, unimpressionable, uninfluenceable, unintermitting, uninterrupted, unmovable, unmoving, unnodding, unpersuadable, unpliable, unpliant, unpropitious, unreceptive, unregenerate, unrelaxing, unrelenting, unremitting, unresponsive, unsleeping, unsubmissive, unsuggestible, unsusceptible, unswayable, unswerving, untiring, unwavering, unwearied, unwearying, unwinking, unyielding, utterly attentive, vigorous, violative, viscid, wayward, weariless, wholehearted, willful, withstanding, wrongheaded
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